Béret Courtney

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  • Women's beret
  • 100% French merino wool base
  • Silk taffeta knot
  • 100% French full grain cowhide headband
  • Electric blue border and black bouffette
  • Satin headdress with Laulhère badge
  • Authenticated by the Maison Laulhère rivet
  • Plate diameter 28cm
  • Available in size M, head cirumference 57cm
  • Delivered in a Laulhère box
  • Made in France
History :The sublime Courntey beret is illuminated by the beauty and finesse of its majestic bow in black silk taffeta sewn on the back of its headdress. Made from 100 French merino wool, it embodies the blend of ancestral know-how and modernity of the Maison Laulhère.

Materials :
  • 100% virgin merino wool base, knitted and felted in our workshops at the foot of the French Pyrenees.
  • 60% acetate and 40% viscose lining.
  • Knot in silk taffeta.

  • Full grain cowhide leather headband.

  • Satin interior.

  • 100% cotton badge.


Machine washing is excluded for felted merino virgin wool. Hand washing or dry cleaning is preferable.
In case of stains, blot with absorbent paper and clean with a soft brush or natural sponge soaked in slightly soapy warm water, avoiding excessive soaking of the beret and leather edge. Allow to dry at room temperature and finish with a gentle brushing.
Tip: To restore a fresh look to your beret: apply a little dry shampoo, leave to dry for a few moments and brush.


Merino wool is a material with exceptional qualities, but it easily captures dust, textile fibres and animal hair. We therefore recommend that you use an adhesive textile brush.
Tip: Wet the palm of your hand slightly and gently rub the surface of your beret in circles, the dust will then form a ball that you only have to remove to find a clean beret.

To best protect your beret, it is recommended to store it flat in its cardboard box after each use, away from dust.